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Atlanta SugarBoo & Co. Trunk Show

Simply Rose & Company | SugarBoo & Co. Trunk show in Atlanta, Georgia

From Kentucky to Georgia, Simply Rose & Company traveled to The Battery in Atlanta, Georgia for a local trunk show on July 6, 2019.

Atlanta locals to travelers across states braved the heat and to watch the Atlanta Braves game in over 100 degree weather. I must say, the ice cream gelato during the first inning would've been the perfect scenario to a perfect day.

To escape the heat before the game, people would stop into local stores at The Battery and enjoy an (air conditioned) shopping experience. Simply Rose & Company was set up at the front of SugarBoo & Co. store while smells of Fresh Rose and Fresh Coffee lured shoppers into the store. The trunk show was quite a success.

"My favorite part of the entire event was seeing the facial expressions when someone would walk in the store, come to our table, smell our candles and say: 'These are the best candles I've ever smelled!' --then buy several to stock up. That's what keeps me motivated to continue spreading our brand, our story, and our products!" -Rose Founder of Simply Rose and Company

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