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Salt + Light Coffee Candles

We are thrilled to announce that we are now partnered with a local coffee company: Salt + Light Coffee Co. out of Canton, Ohio who will now supply all the coffee beans & grounds for our Signature Fresh Coffee Candle!

About Salt + Light Coffee Co.

Salt + Light coffee is 100% directly traded arabica beans from Haiti that has notes of chocolate and is smooth in flavor. Our coffee is a dark roast that has been dry processed creating a very earthy, nutty and eco friendly coffee. We are passionate about supporting our farmers by helping them create a sustainable lifestyle! 

“When Black Coffee was the drink of choice at six-years-old, and day-dreaming of running my own bean-to-cup coffee company was the norm in high school - it's not real surprise that today, I'm an Owner and Operator of a Direct Trade Coffee Company." ~Morgan, Founder and Owner of Salt + Light Coffee Co.

How it all got started "A few months ago on a Tuesday afternoon, I was in the middle of pouring our Signature Fresh Coffee Candle and a thought came to my mind 'I really want to partner with local farmers who grow and sell their own coffee beans.' I immediately went to my sister and told her about my idea to partner with local farmers to supply the coffee in my candle. She responded of the challenges of trying to partner with local farmers and that the chances of that happening would be quite difficult.

The idea of working with the local farmers and using their coffee beans kept coming to my mind the rest of the week.

That weekend, I went to a local business conference in Columbus, Ohio. During the conference, I continued to ponder on the concept of the new idea. On the last day of the conference, I had debated to get an early start to my drive home, or finish out the conference.

I decided to stay. While getting an afternoon dose of coffee, I headed back to the conference room to find a seat for the final session. A young woman came up to me, another young female entrepreneur, who encouraged me to continue following my dreams and goals I had for my business.

I causally mentioned the idea that I really wanted to partner with a local coffee company or local coffee farmers to allow my products to mean more than just a candle. She looked at me and said: "One of my really good friends owns a coffee company and works with local Haitian Farmers. You should reach out to her!"

I stood there looking at her, completely speechless.

After several phone and email conversation, Simply Rose and Company & Salt + Light Coffee Co. are now officially partnered!

God has truly continued to open doors through my diligence to pursue this business full-time and honor him through the process.

So stop by a store today, located in our "Locations" tab, to find the nearest Simply Rose partnered location near you!

-Rose, Founder and Owner of Simply Rose and Company


You can visit Salt + Light Coffee Co. website here:

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