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The Amsden Coffee Shop

Versailles, Kentucky

The Amsden, a local coffee shop on the corner of a historic town in a historic building of Versailles, Kentucky, is a place you have to visit if you're from a different city or state.

A quaint yet lively area that welcomes new faces and familiar ones. The Amsden is owned by a young woman who has a passion of fashion, style and beauty.

The Amsden now houses the Amsden Coffee Club, Gathered Mercantile, The Yoga Room, Casey + Sara Pictures, and the Amsden Bourbon Bar.  

Simply Rose and Company candles can be found scattered around the Mercantile as you shop for your favorite outfit, design your very own bouquet or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Our Fall 2019 Simply Rose and Company candles can now be found at The Amsden in Versailles, KY. Here is a further look inside The Amsden:

Be sure to check them out!

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